Welcome to SpeakUP. We help you communicate across language barriers

With an experienced conference interpreter and organiser as CEO, SpeakUP knows how to organise the logistics of multi-lingual meetings so that you don’t have to. We work with  an international network of top quality interpreters.

Our goal: to help you communicate across language barriers.

SpeakUP’s interpreters are highly trained and have decades of experience working at the highest level. As members of AIIC International Association of Conference Interpreters they adhere to a strict code of professional and ethical standards.

We guarantee confidentiality for all your discussions.

SpeakUP’s interpreters have expertise in a wide range of specialist fields (economics, finance, law, industry, industrial relations, environment, science and technology, medicine, politics, diplomacy, sport, culture, TV, etc.).

SpeakUP’s interpreters also work for national government bodies and are accredited by European and international institutions

The SpeakUP team


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