Organization and Consultancy

Trust is the cornerstone of our customer relationship.

Choosing SpeakUP guarantees you a tailormade package to help you communicate across language barriers and offer significant value-added to your multilingual event.

Single point of contact

• Personalised end-to-end consultancy
• No intermediary, thus streamlining procedures and costs

Partnerships with local equipment providers

Optimised solutions (booths, whispering equipment, remote participation etc.) at attractive prices

Tailormade set-up for your event

• Simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpretation, in remote, in-person or hybrid mode

Official KUDO partner

The market’s leading remote interpreting platform

Highly-qualified interpreters

• Large international network
• Broad range of languages
• Highest professional standards (aiic)

Financial transparency

• Transparent and detailed quote
• Global solution at a reasonable price