Remote Simultaneous Interpreting


“We have successfully collaborated with Ulrike and her team since 2020. Extremely helpful, approachable and always delivering high-quality interpretation and digital event management services. I would definitively recommend SpeakUP to any organization
looking for professional language services, especially if they have highly technical, specialized needs.”
Michelle Cartín-Storey, former Head of Global Partnerships at KUDO

Make your international meetings cost efficient and sustainable

SpeakUP can provide reliable, secure and user-friendly remote interpretation for your multilingual meetings and events: no need to travel for participants or interpreters.

  • Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) with the KUDO platform is a cutting-edge solution that offers both flexibility and versatility: KUDO can be used as a stand-alone conferencing platform including interpretation, or as an interpreting platform used in combination with any other virtual conference platform, e.g. Teams, Zoom, Webex, GoogleMeet, Skype, Bluejeans.
  • Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) with Zoom alone.


SpeakUP’s interpreters work to the highest standards and are perfectly at home with this new technology. RSI offers a simple and sustainable solution for your multilingual events.

SpeakUP provides an inclusive package that allows all participants to use their own language, be that from their office or from home. Because there is no need to travel this option makes interpretation for short meetings a viable prospect.

Several set-ups are possible:

  • All participants connect remotely.
  • Some participants are on-site, others connect remotely. The interpreters are either on-site or connect remotely.
  • All participants are on-site, the interpreters connect remotely.

Save time, effort and money by cutting out travel. It’s good for your bottom-line and good for the environment.

Sign up for a free demonstration and see for yourself the many advantages of this ground-breaking, user-friendly and professional technology.


  • Webinars
  • Board meetings
  • Press conferences
  • Work meetings
  • Corporate town-hall events
  • Product launches
  • Web streaming


  • Versatile and flexible
  • Accessible and inclusive 
  • Data security
  • Large network of highly qualified interpreters
  • Optimised time management (work-life balance)
  • Cost effective
  • Green conferencing
  • No more delays due to strikes, traffic-jams, accidents or a pandemic…

“In the wake of the digital transformation of the economy, interpreters have embraced new ways of working and adapted to a changing and increasingly interconnected world by combining reliable high-quality services with agile, tailor-made and sustainable solutions for our customers.”

Ulrike Poyda-Chauvin, Conference interpreter, member of AIIC, founder and CEO of SpeakUP