Conference Interpreting

Our interpreters provide multilingual communication for a multitude of events:

Scientific, technical and political conferences, European Works Council meetings, supervisory board meetings, Annual General Meetings, seminars, technical training events, international product launches, press conferences, plant visits, bilateral negotiations, visits from foreign delegations, sporting and cultural events, television interviews, web streaming etc.

Depending on the technical set-up of your event, you can opt for one of three different modes of interpretation:

Simultaneous interpretation

Real-time translation of speeches, presentations and discussions from a booth, using mobile equipment or in whispering mode

Consecutive interpretation

Spoken translation follows the speech with the interpreter using memory and notes to ensure a faithful rendition.

Remote interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation using a virtual conferencing platform (e.g. Kudo, Teams, Webex, Zoom…) with three options:
- all the participants, and the interpreters, are online;
- only the interpreters are online or
- participants are on-site and online, the interpreters are onsite or online.
This set-up is ideal for short events. It eliminates the need to travel, so it’s good for your bottom-line and for the environment.